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Parents:Year 3H Welsh Heritage Project 2017

Click the dragon to find out more about The Welsh Heritage Project.

Welsh Heritage Project 2017

Year 3H are delighted to be taking part in the Welsh Heritage project this year and we have chosen Van Mansion to be our focus. The main reasons for this are:

We can see it from our school car park.

It hasn't been covered in a project from our school before.

Mrs Hopkin has always wanted to know more about it.

During our research we realised, through our questionnaires, that not many  people knew about Van Mansion so we decided to make a local history page on our school website to share with the wider community. We hope you like learning about this historic place and also enjoy looking at our work.                                                                         

Van Mansion from the bottom of our school car park.

Special Thanks

Along our journey we have come across many kind and helpful people that without their help this website would not have been possible.

Mrs Hopkin and 3H would like to say a big thank you and diolch yn fawr to;

Mr Dilworth (Clark to Van Community Council) Mr A. Cole, (Owner of Van Mansion), Caerphilly Castle, CADW, Cardiff Residential Estates, Caerphilly Local History Society, Caerphilly Local History, People's Collection Wales, Caerphilly Council Communications Team, Mrs Hathaway, Mrs Arnold and Mrs Rees

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