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Useful Learning Resources

  • Outdoor Games -  Monday

  • Indoor PE  - Friday

  • Spelling - Words posted on Microsoft Teams on Monday. Spelling test on the following Monday.

  • Homework - Posted on Teams on every other Friday.

  • Reading - Each child will be given an allocated reading day when they will read to an adult. This is in addition to Daily Guided Reading. 

Croeso i Ddosbarth 3TG

Year 3 Summer    Term 2024

Be Happy, Be Healthy!

Our theme this term focuses on our physical and mental health and well being. We will be setting personal fitness goals and working on improving our fitness and activity levels, and having the confidence to persevere when faced with physical challenges. We will recognise the benefits that physical activity has on our life long well being. We will find out about the upcoming Olympics and investigate the differences and similarities between the Ancient and Modern Games. We will then look to the future and consider how the Olympics may evolve in the future to reflect the sporting interests of future generations. We will collaborate to plan our own 'Mini Olympics' and design our very own Olympic events!

As we train as 'athletes' for our very own Olympic Games, we will be thinking about how food fuels our bodies and understand that we need a balanced diet. We will make informed choices about the food we eat and consider how food supports our physical health and well-being. We will think back to our Autumn Term topic where we identified the need for change and improvement in our school grounds. We will begin to put our plans into action and look to plant and grow a selection of fresh produce as part of regenerating the Bamboo Forest Area. 

We will have lots of opportunities to get outside for fresh air and to enjoy the natural environment by surveying the plants and wildlife in our locality before considering how we can further develop biodiversity. In doing this, we will explore relationships between living things, their habitats and their life cycles. 

We have generated our ideas based on these themes through all six Areas of Learning Experience and carry out various digital tasks to continue to develop our digital competence skills.

Our Cwrt Rawlin Curriculum is developing with the children at its heart. It is based on the 4 purposes and interweaves all 6 areas of Learning and Experiences into purposeful learning opportunities. Our learning pedagogy is based upon the 12 Pedagogical Principles, which forms the platform from which we are then able to apply a wide range of ways to develop skills within authentic learning opportunities. We aim to encompass a wide range of opportunities to develop the cross curricular skills of Literacy, Numeracy and Digital Competence.

Download our summer curriculum map here

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