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  • Outdoor Games -  Thursday

  • Forest School - Friday

  •  Indoor PE  - Due to Covid-19 none at present 

  • Spelling - Words posted on Microsoft Teams weekly. Spelling test on a Friday.  

  • Homework - Posted on Teams on a Friday. 

  • Reading - Each child will be given an allocated reading day when they will read to the teacher.

Croeso i Ddosbarth 3TR

Year 3 Autumn Term 2021

Out of The Shadows

Our Autumn Topic has been chosen as Out Of The Shadows and we have had lots of fantastic ideas from the children to help make it an interesting, fun and successful term.

Our learning journey is going to take us to the sun and moon where we find out about how shadows are made, can we change our shadows and what does reflective mean? 

We will explore the idea of night and day and how different parts of the world are in brightness whilst others are in the dark. We will look at nocturnal animals and their special adaptations. 

We will be diving into many books connected to Shadows such as The King who banned the dark, The Owl who was afraid of the dark and The Dark. Through these books we will be participating in dramas, writing letters, writing descriptions and stories. 

Our journey will also take us in to the world of Alfred Afremov, an artist who enjoys the idea of painting colourful scenes at night. It will also help us to learn about the history of shadow puppets and guie us to make our own puppets and put on a puppet show.

Most of all, our journey will involve, learning together, being a team, being respectful of others and developing skills to help us be good citizens. We can't wait!

shadows 3.jpg