Useful Learning Resources

  • Outdoor Games - Tuesday with Cardiff City Football Club


  • Indoor P.E - Monday 


  • Spelling - Words given out on Monday - test on the following Monday. 


  • Homework - Given out on Friday to be returned by Wednesday. 


  • Reading - Please bring your reading books and reading records in on the dedicated day you have been given.   

Croeso i Ddosbarth 3/4H

All Around The World

Welcome to the Spring Term of Year 3/4 H. Our new topic this term is  All Around The World.


All around the world is a chance to study the geographical set up of the world. We will be looking at different countries, continents, landmarks, cultures and food. We will be studying maps and globes, learning geographical words such as latitude, longitude, equator and climate. We will even be looking at Greenwich meantime and how it affects the whole of the world. It will be a great opportunity to focus on the diversity of people so that we can understand different beliefs, cultures and traditions.

If that's not enough we will be exploring the seven wonders of the world by researching and creating a PowerPoint  about our favourite wonder and the country that it is in. This will then be used as a presentation to the rest of the class. We can also learn how the world was discovered through the ventures of different explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Zheng He. It's going to be an adventure! 

We look forward to learning together and making our own journey All Around The World!!