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Children are admitted into the Nursery class in September of the school year in which they reach their fourth birthday, on a part-time basis. Nursery pupils either receive a morning placement or an afternoon placement. This is confirmed before the Nursery parents meeting in the summer term.


Parents are asked to 'register' their children with the Local Authority prior to the September in which they wish to be admitted.


A letter is sent from the Local Authority to the parents of children who are eligible for a Nursery place  during the summer term, offering them a place in our Nursery class. During the summer term prior to starting school, each child accompanied by a parent, is given the opportunity of visiting the school in order to meet the Nursery teacher and Nursery teaching assistants to have some idea of how the Nursery is run, and to help the child make the transition from home to school.


Admission to the Nursery class will take place each September and this will be staggered across two weeks.


Children from our Nursery class are required to reapply for a place through the Local Authority for a place in our Reception class.


Our admissions number is 46 per year group, our admissions are organised by the Local Authority. The school has no involvement in the admissions process.

The appeals process is detailed through the Local Authority policy.

Please contact the Local Authority admissions department for all admission and appeal information.

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