Year 5 Homework

Homework 13.9.19  Please complete the MyMaths Homework on Place Value. 

If you have any problems just come and have a chat with me next week. 

Spellings: You should have all had your spellings now. Remember we will usually have a test on Monday morning. 

Homework 20.9.19 Please complete the My Maths homework on coordinates. If you haven't yet finished last weeks work please also complete that. 

Also, please complete the research project into 

Homework 27.9.19 Please complete the My Maths Homework on Subtraction. Also learn your 3, 4, 5 and 9 times tables.

Homework 4.10.19 Please complete the My Maths homework on the 8 times table. Also, complete the descriptive writing homework which is in your homework books. 

Homework 17.10.19 Download Please also complete your My Maths

Half Term Homework Download

Homework 15.11.19 Please learn your lines for our class assembly. Also, please could you decorate a plain , white (cheap! ) t -shirt with a climate change/ Eco message, i.e Save our planet. Please ask for permission from parents before decorating your t-shirt! Due in Tues 19th Nov. 

Homework 22.11.19 Please research deforestation and create a poster on the main issues- what is deforestation? How does it affect the world? What are the main causes? 

Also please complete any outstanding My Maths homework and keep working on your times tables. 

Homework 29.11.19- Please learn the words to our class song (sent home) and lines if you have an acting part.  We have been working on circle maps in class. Please draw a circle map in your homework books or plain paper on recycling. 

Homework 17.01.20- We are learning about Greece. Please research some Greek myths. Choose your favourite to draw a picture of and write a few sentences explaining the myth.